• Support your Sales Team in reaching their goals in 2015

    Posted on January 9, 2015 by in Learning & Development


    Step 1: Know your customer – thinking from the perspective of the customer, ask the following:
    - who is he/she? What does he/she do or need?
    – what problems does he/she need to solve?
    – what improvements does he/she look for?
    – what does he/she value?

    Step 2: Know your service offering and /product  – thinking from your customer viewpoint;

    – How does the service-offering/product solve the problem or offer improvement?
    – What value and hard results does it offer the customer?

    Step 3 : Know your competitors?
    - How does your service offering/or product or idea create more value than competing ones?

    Step 4 : Distill the customer -oriented proposition:
    The final step is to pull it all together and answer in 2 or 3 sentences, :why should I engage this specific service provider  and/or purchase this product? For example: I want to engage this service provider/or buy this product because it will…. the things I value most about the offering are …. and it is better than the competing services/products  because ….

    When the opportunity for change comes into your business you will need to be prepared to make the most of it. This may mean changing the way you do certain processes, or having to learn new ones altogether. The first step to rewiring your brain to change habits and accept change is to develop your self-awareness. Becoming aware of your habits, reactions and thought patterns is the first step and once you know what they are you can then start developing new reactions and habits which are in line with what the organisation or business is trying to achieve, and the People in Focus training programs do exactly that. Grounded in progressive learning and development methodologies, our programs are designed to unlock a person’s potential, and maximise their overall level of engagement, effectiveness and workplace performance.