• In your comfort zone: goals can help to inspire and motivate us into action

    Posted on February 13, 2015 by in Learning & Development


    In order to achieve our goals, a more integrated approach to setting the goal and building the foundations of success needs to be taken. For example, did you know….

    • The more difficult the goal, the greater the achievement
    • The more specific or explicit the goal, the more precisely performance is regulated
    • Goals that are both specific and difficult lead to the highest performance
    • High commitment to goals is attained when;
      • The individual is convinced the goal is important
      • The individual is convinced that the goal is attainable (or that, at least progress can be made towards it)
    • Goal setting is most effective when there is feedback showing progress in relation to the goal
    • Goals stimulate planning in general. Often the planning quality is higher than that which occurs without goals
    • Goals affect performance by affecting the direction of action, the degree of effort exerted and the persistence of action over time
    • Goals serve as standards of self – satisfaction, with harder goals demanding higher accomplishment in order to attain self-satisfaction than easy goals

    In a nutshell, goals help to inspire and motivate us into action and the People in Focus training programs do exactly that. Grounded in progressive learning and development methodologies, our programs are designed to unlock a person’s potential, and maximise their overall level of engagement, effectiveness and workplace performance.